Space & Flow Yoga

is about self-actualisation

and empowerment 

through the use of physical processes,

movement through space,

and the figuring out of learning strategies

through the body

in order to both help the individual

and strengthen the collective!







S&F is a movement-based Yoga practice promoting a healthy spine and joints, muscular strength and body-mind awareness. 

The physical practice is based on spinal and joint integrity, muscular strength and the understanding of the role of the nervous system in growth, physical potential and ultimately health.

Greatly inspired by schools of somatic education such as Feldenkrais, the Space & Flow method combines a multi-faceted approach that draws from various fields of practice like martial arts and dance, and from the world of strength & conditioning and that of body therapy. 

The growth and ongoing development of S&F is marked by a diversity of sources and this mobility is another important aspect of its essence. 

Space & Flow benefits from a close relationship to Sufism, and to Tantra and Zen Buddhism.

About Raphan

Step into the movement arena with Raphan Kebe, stoic straight no-chaser teacher, podcast host, speaker, writer and founder of the Space & Flow school of yoga (2010).

Grounded in over 17 years of teaching experience in London, Paris, and Barcelona with guest appearances around the world, Raphans’ radical approach, fuelled by his wild curiosity and unconquerable soul, propelled him to create a series of mesmerising sequences that have seen his following grow exponentially over the last few years. In a rare and magical alchemy between a sublime somatic practice and his own life philosophy, he has captivated a progressive audience of followers, students, dancers and professionals that aspire to elevate their own experience not just in the world of yoga but in their business and personal realms.

Created in 2010, Space & Flow is a yoga school that seeks to redefine what it means to teach with intentionality and a growth mindset—built on the radical principles of creativity, sensuality and resilience.

It is these foundational principles that are woven through the very DNA of his widely listened-to and successful podcast, SWEET BLASPHEMY (formerly 'Talking Flow'). Covering topics that seduce and inform, his consciously curated guest list is deliberately devised to stimulate and educate the listener.

His hugely coveted teacher training courses run throughout the year in various locations such as London, Barcelona, and Paris.

A proud Parisian with a poetic spirit, Raphan lived in London for 25 years before making the move to sunny Barcelona.

Education seems to be primarily a process of transferring information to the intellect, but what if we were to ask, 'what would an education of the body look and feel like?'             



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