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A movement & creativity retreat
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Space & Flow Yoga™ was born from Raphan’s desire to cultivate a creative and empowering movement-based yoga practice which respects the body’s innate and organic biomechanics and the role of the nervous system in finding a true and sensual flow practice for body and mind. A practice that serves both the individual and the collective!

This week-long immersion is an invitation to experience the principles of Space & Flow, and explore them as a means to investigate, challenge and gain inspiration for your own movement and Vinyasa flow practice. This immersion will support you in unlocking, creating and developing new paths as a Flow practitioner, for your practice, teaching and life.

Set in an idyllic location in the green Tramuntana mountain and only 20min away from the beach, the 30h immersion also offers an opportunity to take a break and be nourished in stunning surroundings and with delicious food.

Tramanunta Flow Retreat Centre
Mallorca, Spain

20 - 27 August 2022

Click HERE for details of the room options, prices and payment terms, and daily schedule

Our beautiful retreat centre for the week is in Sa Cabaneta village, just 15min from Palma. Raphan will lead two daily practices, with plenty of time allowed for you to enjoy the retreat centre and its surroundings.

The centre offers a choice of beautifully appointed single and double rooms and dorms to suit your budget.

Full catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included. Our resident private chef will prepare a daily ‘Bio Deluxe Vegetarian’ menu using organic and local products. This will include superfoods, eggs and dairy products, as well as vegan and gluten free options.

The retreat centre's grounds and facilities also include:
* an indoor shala equipped with mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters
* a 300m² open-air yoga terrace
* magnificent gardens with picnic tables and seating under a wooden canopy
* several meditation areas, including orange tree orchards and a campfire
* a large swimming pool (11m x 5m)
* generous communal dining and living spaces, including a large terrace where we will have our meals together.


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This 30-hour immersion is open to everyone wanting to work with Raphan and explore Space & Flow at a deeper level than workshops or online classes provide. Through twice-daily practices, Raphan will guide you in an exploration of his A-B-C-D-E of FLOW:

We will practice with artistic flair and an open mind and explore what it means to envision, develop and sustain a soulful, physical Flow practice. One that allows space to find a sense of meaning and an avenue for self-expression.

Leaving dogma aside, we will discuss the value of inspiration, discipline, goals, "failures", mindsets, and address the common obstacles and feelings we encounter on our paths as artists and creators.

Each day we will delve into Raphan’s favourite subject: that of sequencing, of movement within the body and within space, and of the (neuro-)physiology of movement.
We will play-work with various SPACE & FLOW sequences and movement frameworks, and make space to realise your own physical and individual expression. We will also consider the inherent qualities of and fundamental differences between personal practice and teaching, as well as the gifts and the costs of deepening one's kinetic intelligence.

Imagination, inspiration, inventiveness, processes, and originality – all key concepts for creativity. In our practical labs we will explore creative tasks, at times sharing, refining, revising, and ultimately making the results serve you as a living, breathing, loving and moving creative entity.

SPACE & FLOW was born out of the Desire for a more physically adept, accepting and sensually-orientated practice that could be individual in essence and collective in spirit.
The whole week will be about serving our desires for the Divine in our “Dancing” and how to both appreciate and act upon the wisdom, genius and impulsive nature of our Flow practice.

Having cultivated a deeper understanding of the gifts of our creative practice, we are presented with a few choices. What practical steps do we take towards strengthening our self-agency, our grounding and boundaries? How do we continue to express our ideas and share our creations?

A Flow practice is an empowered one. As such the ultimate task for this short intensive course will be to lead you to not only expand your creative horizons but also to provide you with the tools to empower yourself to dive, heart and body, deep into the coming journeys that will feed your soul.

Prerequisites – none!
While the immersion is aimed at practitioners and teachers of yoga and of other movement disciplines, there are no formal prerequisites to join us! You simply need to be open-minded, curious, and able to take responsibility for your own physical and mental health during the week. You will need a level of physical fitness to sustain 5 days of practice, but you do not need to be a qualified teacher or trained dancer to attend. Speak to Raphan if in doubt!

Taking it home
At the end of the course you will receive a Space & Flow Yoga A-B-C-D-E of FLOW (30hr) completion diploma, which you will be able to use for CPD purposes. Please note however that the immersion is not a Space & Flow teacher training and will not qualify you to advertise your classes and/or yourself as a Space & Flow Yoga™ teacher.

When registering to the A-B-C-D-E of FLOW, please use the name and spelling that you would like to have on your diploma.

Further studies
This 30h immersion is the perfect introduction for those interested in the Space & Flow Yoga 300h advanced teacher training. If interested participants will be able to carry on working directly with Raphan and progress onto the S&F teacher certification course which will starts in Paris in November (in French) and in Amsterdam (in English) in January 2023. More information about the certification process, faculty and course content will be available very soon.

The cost of the week, including all twice-daily guided practice, accommodation and bio-deluxe catering, start from £1,250. Please indicate your preferred room option when registering.

 Click HERE for details of the room options, prices and payment terms, and daily schedule 
Flights, transfers, insurance, any extras are not included.
A non-refundable £500 deposit is required to reserve your place.


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