Tracie Storey

Feb 01, 2021
Tracie is the founder of Elemental Resonance, a platform for restorative vibrational sound healing, colour and movement therapy, conscious events, workshops and classes. She teaches and hosts sessions worldwide London, Australia, Canada, Bali, Mexico, Peru and France. Tracie’s full spectrum approach to sound and vibrational healing has spanned an eclectic 20 years.
Her approaches include Tama-Do, Vibrational Sound and Colour Therapy and Qi Gong lessons which are all key nodes in her practice. As a practitioner her sessions are instinctively tuned to the individual client ensuring that the most suitable healing modalities are offered. As a lecturer and workshop lead her skills stretch beyond the treatment room to include immersive group sound harmonisations and meditation classes. 
Studying Bio Resonance since 2011, she qualified as a practitioner in 2014. This unique form of Vibrational Sound Therapy transformed her way of working and through the work and study with Master Fabien Maman, she learned more deeply about the healing power of sound, vibration and the vital work of Qi Gong.
Tracie’s vibrational sound foundation was established by exploring the transformative power of dance culture as a professional DJ and producer. She travelled extensively worldwide as a pioneering female DJ and then carved her niche in her own style of deep electronica and techno. This experience offered insight into the healing power of sound and technology inspiring her to embrace sound and vibrational healing as a life calling by searching out new teachers, mentors and training.

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