Creative - Inspiring - Challenging

Creative because we teachers are Artists, Inspiring because we are guides on the path to finding peace within uncertainty,
Challenging because growth is offered to those striving to flow outside of their comfort zone… Simply!


The SPACE & FLOW Teaching Certification is a programme which offers training in the method of S&F Yoga, its practice tools and teaching techniques, and an insight into how to help expand kinaesthetic awareness in the general population through a movement-based Yoga practice.

The programme is practice-driven and led by S&F founder Raphan Kebe who will be present throughout the training. It consists of an in-person two-week intensive on the Spanish island of Mallorca followed by six monthly Saturdays online, alongside individual online study, teaching practicums, and guided homework with journaling

Furthermore, every teacher will receive six (6) individual mentoring sessions (one per month) with Raphan and access to an online portal containing all learning materials, sequence videos, and the video recordings of each interactive sessions taking place online and most of those from the retreat in Mallorca. The portal will also offer a place for on-going discussions and Q&A's, with both Raphan and fellow teachers, about self practice, individual teaching organisation, and the on-going development of one’s teaching style and voice within the realm of Space & Flow. 

The S&F teacher training programme is unique in its emphasis on the organisational context of movement and on the reinforcing language and mindset within the field of a yoga practice. This teaching certification is for those looking to embody and share an approach to movement that is both creative and collective in spirit and which manages to remain individual in practice.

The course is scheduled to last 7 months, from August 2022 to March 2023. (see dates below)

Following successful completion of the programme participants will be able to advertise themselves as Space & Flow Yoga™ teachers and offer dedicated S&F Yoga and movement classes.

This teacher training will have a maximum of 12 participants, as such early application is advised. Please note that preference will be given to those who have taken the SATI Mentoring course.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest and/or contact Raphan to schedule a short Zoom conversation.




3 Main Modules


S&F Repertoire
• Somatic Tuning ins
• S&F Dynamic Warm up
• Nine (9) S&F sequences & their Asana versions
• Creation of (at least) three (3) sequences by every teacher

Mobility & Movement lab: • S&F Fundamentals

• Floor-work 
 • Strength & Flow

Sequencing lab:  • Creativity & Expression 

• Mat & non-mat based practices
  • Linear, circular & Mandala
  • Limitations & injuries (& their value)


• 7x60’s
 • Stretching protocols (including passive/active/ballistic theories)
 • Experiential anatomy
  • Yin (& Yang)

Hands-on lab
Assists & Adjustments

                          Anatomy & Fascia                             with Joanne Avison

                            Subtle Anatomy                               with Jonathan Monks 



with Jonathan Monks

Voicework with Simone Niles

S&F principles, philosophy and psychology
• Soma phenomena: the body as perceived from within
  • The Big Three: Ground, Spine, Breath • Movement within / movement with-out
• Inside Out Vs Outside In
• Power from the ground, flexibility from power
• Be P.O.D  • 
Psychology of Movement and of Learning  • Nervous system / Neuroplasticity

Philosophy, Ethics, Business
Thoughts, Principles, Professionalism

Guest Trainers

Simone Niles



Jonathan Monks

Breathwork & Subtle Anatomy


Joanne Avison

Anatomy & Fascia




S&F Teachers will

• Receive a repertoire of tried and tested Vinyasa sequences and two postural versions (asanas or "pauses") for each, as well as access to the corresponding HD videos through the S&F online portal.

• Develop the analytical and problem solving skills to organise, adapt, and teach effectively to a range of abilities ranging from total beginners to advanced movers.

• Develop a teacher reflective journal which charts their growth through self reflection, inquiries, and their writing down of teaching and learning strategies and outcomes.

• Have access to an online portal containing all learning materials, videos, and which offers a place for discussions and Q&A's with both Raphan and fellow teachers. 

• Benefit from 1 to 1 mentoring sessions (via Zoom) with Raphan throughout the course.

• Receive 40% discount on 1-1 private lessons and coaching sessions with Raphan during the length of the training.

Alongside an increased range of practice and teaching skills and techniques, each teacher will aim to also develop

Expertise and confidence in teaching a movement-based Yoga practice by deepening their understanding of body mechanics (their own and that of others). 

• An understanding of the physiological and psychological processes involved in somatic experiencing during S&F classes.

• A deeper appreciation and respect for the development of a growth mindset, both in teachers and students, and how a humanistic pedagogy can be used to support this.




Tramuntana Flow is a retreat centre on the Spanish island of Mallorca that brings together the best yoga facilities and beautiful accommodations in a peaceful environment.

TRAMUNTANA FLOW owes its name to the magnificent mountain range in Mallorca, the spectacular views of which can be contemplated from the entire property. Located in the beautiful village of Sa Cabaneta in Mallorca, only 15 min from Palma, Tramuntana Flow consists of several outbuildings on an 8000 m² parcel of land.



  • 20 August to 03 September 2022
    Residential - Tramuntana Flow, Mallorca
  • Saturday 08 October online - 9am to 4pm UK time
    with Simone Niles + Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 05 November - online - 9am to 4pm UK time
    with Jonathan Monks + Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 03 December - online - 9am to 4pm UK time
    Bio-Anatomy & Fascia with Joanne Avison + Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 07 January 2023 - online - 9am to 3pm UK time Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 04 February - online - 9am to 3pm UK time
    Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 04 March - online - 9am to 3pm UK time
    Teaching practicum

  • Saturday 18 March - Graduation



To qualify as a SPACE & FLOW teacher you will need to be able to:

Teach, utilise, and adapt the S&F dynamic warm up to fit the requirements of classes of various levels.

• Demonstrate, break down, scale up/down a minimum of 9 S&F repertoire sequences + 3 sequences you have created using the various S&F tools and principles. 

• Create various short sequences of movements - "Set ups" - that follow a thread and serve to cultivate a positive and gradual learning and teaching experience for yourself and others.

• Work towards cultivating healthy relationships with yourself (mind & body), your students, and the communities you choose to serve using the practice. 

• Initiate for and by yourself regular periods of study and self practice.

• Show respect and appreciation for professional and social ethics in the sharing and teaching of the practice.


Attendance to the whole programme - intensive and online - is required in order to graduate. 


All fees will need to have been paid in full for graduation to take place and for the SPACE & FLOW teaching diploma to be awarded.




Whilst candidates would benefit from having a recognised Yoga teaching qualification, or an equivalent professional certification in the realm of dance, personal training, or movement coaching, the only 3 requirements are as follows:

  • Have a physical movement and postural practice.
  • Be willing and able to commit to guided practices AND teaching, both of which will require to try things out, to practice and practice-teaching outside of one's comfort zone, to fuck it up, to shrug it off, and to try again… simply. 
  • Have the maturity - to ask when in doubt - to push with discipline when one can not proceed with grace - to appreciate that the refinement of our questions often contains the answers, and - to choose to take on the responsibility for one’s own mental and physical health.


ALL of the following are needed for the course

- A camera/phone you can use to film and document your practice and sequences

- A Youtube account - for the 'unlisted' (not public) videos you will be required to send in for feedback

- A Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer (UK) (France)

For the online sessions via Zoom ALL of the following are also needed

- A laptop or computer

- A stable internet connection; do invest in an ethernet cable

- A bluetooth headset like THIS

Lastly, whilst it is not a requirement to want to become a full-time teacher please understand that this course is to enable people to actually teach SPACE & FLOW, and not just deepen their practice through the means of the method. As such everyone on the course will partake in teaching practicals and be given teaching assignments.

If you wish to only and simply deepen your practice through the means of S&F the suggestion is to attend classes regularly, join us on a retreat, and/or have a few private lessons with Raphan.


including a £1,000 deposit* to secure a space
based on Double Accommodation with Shared Bathroom

*Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable

Accommodation options and prices
Double with En Suite Bathroom – £5,200 per person (limited - first come basis)
Single (Double used as) with En Suite Bathroom – £5,500 (limited - first come basis)

Remaining balance (fees minus deposit) will be due by August 1, 2022
Payment Plans: you are welcome to make up to 4 total payments (besides deposit), however all fees must be paid before the program begins.

Early bird: 15% off - Available until: May 1, 2022

Fees include:
• Full tuition, including in-person intensive and online modules
• 2 week-intensive retreat with full board and Bio deluxe vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including dairy products, eggs, superfoods, vegan and gluten free options.
• Online S&F portal with video recordings of live sessions, videos of each repertoire sequence with Flow & Pauses, video recordings of classes taught by Raphan, anatomy videos, books to download, and more ...
• Six (6) individual monthly mentoring sessions (online - via Zoom)

Fees do NOT include return flights, transfers, insurance, extra curricular activities, nor extra add-on costs such as books and practice/teaching gear.


Contact us to express your interest in the SPACE & FLOW teaching certification and to be waitlisted for the course starting in August 2022.